The Sagal Jama Mini Clay Collection has arrived! Includes our 4 signature facemasks, plus 2 brand new formulations. Which one will be your favourite? Be quick, order today to avoid disappointment!
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A B O U T   S A G A L   J A M A

Sagal has a passion for providing the best advice, the highest quality products and excellent value. Sagal sources only the finest ingredients from across the world and, by hand, formulates the perfect blends that create lasting change for people of all ages, with all skin types and conditions. Sagal is a devoted vegan and a true ambassador for anything plant-based. Sagal has a deep fascination for utilizing the power of natural ingredients, studying combinations of botanicals and minerals, and placing importance on carbon neutral sustainable packaging. Seeing the results she achieves time after time to provide her customers with results beyond expectation is her passion and this drives her to always offer genuine value, integrity, and most importantly, products that really work.


“Becoming a mother at the age of 19 didn't worry or scare me, I knew the true strength of women from a young age. Now, after having my 5 children, I always remember the Somali saying "dhexda xido", which translates to “tie your waist and get on with it”. This resilience that no matter what happens, you keep your head up and carry on, has made me the person I am today”.

O U R  C O L L E C T I O N S

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Customized formulations designed uniquely for your specific skincare needs are a true passion here at Sagal Jama. Contact Sagal directly to discuss your skincare requirements and Sagal will formulate a collection just for you using her wealth of skincare knowledge. <