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Beauty Challenge: Change Your Beauty Routine for One Month

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Natural beauty

It’s the beginning of 2020, and do you know what it means for your skin? It’s time to upgrade your beauty routine and choose vegan skincare!

Changing something you’re used to can be challenging, though, so let this post keep things easy and simple for you. To begin, join the Veganuary challenge.

Vegan what? If you checked your social media this January, you may have come across trending hashtags, like #veganuary or #vegan.

Here are a few facts to know about this challenge.

  • Veganuary is not a fad. In fact, it is a non-profit organisation that has been around since 2014.

  • It has one ambitious, but doable, goal: to encourage everyone to be vegan for at least 31 days (or the whole month of January).

  • It partners with many establishments or businesses to help promote and create new vegan menus and recipes.

  • This pledge has a growing following. In 2019 alone, more than 250,000 people participated. This is not exclusive to the Brits too.

Much of its focus centres around consuming a plant-based diet, but you are more than welcome to extend it to other aspects of your life. That includes ditching your usual commercial beauty products for vegan skincare brands!

Once you made that step, you don’t have to end it as soon as February rolls around. Keep going at it because your skin will benefit more from organic or natural ingredients.

Now, how do you embrace vegan skincare this January? Here are a few ideas:

1. Buy from legitimate vegan product sellers. For your beauty needs, one of the trusted brands today is Sagal Jama. We offer pampering kits that are suitable for various skin types. That saves you the hassle of figuring out which products to purchase.

2. Keep your beauty routine simple. You don’t have to follow Korea’s 10-step beauty routine to learn how to get glowing skin. A kit, for example, can already have everything you need to achieve healthy, supple skin. Simplicity also makes transitioning to vegan products easier.