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The Ingredients We Use, Their History, and Their Stories

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

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It’s no longer a secret that vegan beauty products have grown in popularity as an alternative to animal-sourced and chemical-based products. Sagal Jama is one of these premier beauty vendors using natural ingredients. If you’re interested in having a healthier and safer solution for your skin and beauty routine, the ingredients that come from natural plants or minerals are the best choice.

Sagal Jama is a leading authentic global vegan beauty and skincare brand offering extensive vegan ingredients for skincare. These ingredients are completely natural, vegan, and sourced from different parts of the world. The products we offer contain properties that keep skin healthy and treat some skin problems. Whether your goal is to, repair, protect, or feed your skin, Sagal Jama has the solution for you.

Unlike generic skin products available in the market that are chemical-based, Sagal Jama’s ingredients come in the form of rocks, powder, clay, and oil. We aim to preserve the natural nutrients contained in these ingredients so you receive optimum benefits. Most of these ingredients are botanical plants and clays, including Sea Buckthorn, Myrrh, Argan Oil, Morrocan Clay, Wheatgerm-sourced Vitamin E, Eucalyptus, Almond Oil, Pomegranate Oil, among others.

We even tailor specific mixtures to suit your personal needs upon request. You can purchase these vegan beauty products online through our website and we’ll deliver your items to your address anywhere in the world.

Person in a laboratory, testing ingredients

Sagal Jama gathers these natural ingredients from different countries like Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Somaliland, China, Australia, Morocco, and many South-East Asian countries. Some of these ingredients might be unfamiliar in your home country but they work wonders and are widely used in their native countries. They’re plants and minerals naturally found in the earth.

Some of these are:

Argan Oil - packed with fatty acid and vitamin E, it boosts skin elasticity, hydration, prevents and reserves sunspots, and so much more.

Myrrh - used to treat chapped and dry skin. It also has astringent properties that keep skin cells strong.

Sea Buckthorn - the oil from this plant can heal sunburns, bedsores, and wounds. It also promotes skin elasticity.

Qasil - native to Somali, this herbal product removes acne and dark spots. It also cleanses and exfoliates.

Oatmeal - perfect for oily skin as it has the ability to soak up excess oils. It’s also anti-inflammatory and has anti-oxidant properties.

Kaolin Clay - a naturally occurring clay, hectorite or magnesium silicate that removes dead skin cells, effectively cleansing the skin.

Moroccan Clay - from Eastern Morocco's Atlas Mountains, this clay is rich in minerals that keep the skin hydrated, elastic, and less sensitive. It also minimises pores.

All of the ingredients come from the finest sources with natural production or extraction process. Sagal Jama either produce the ingredients or get them from small artisan producers.

Some of them are organically processed into powders and usable clay. Cold pressing also helps retain nutritional values, aroma, and flavour of the ingredients used.

These ingredients were originally used by Sagal, the owner of the Sagal Jama brand. She discovered how quickly the Somaliland-grown Qasil leaf successfully cleared the spots on her face like nothing else ever had. She only uses the raw ingredients for face masks, spa or cream and figures out how natural ingredients work effectively to treat and rejuvenate diverse skin problems. With an aim to bring these beautiful products to the rest of the world, she grew an interest in developing plant-based products for skincare.

The use of natural plants and minerals is an inseparable part of Ethiopian, Somali, and other African cultures. These ingredients are traditionally used by women in the culture for cooking and treating their skin. Today, Sagal Jama brings up these valuable ingredients so both women and men can gain the benefits. She’s committed to passing on her Grandmother’s wisdom and makes vegan beauty products like these available for everyone.

Sagal Jama has provided a breakthrough to the skincare world by producing super quality natural vegan products for skin health and beauty. They keep the ingredients organic and cold-pressed to preserve valuable nutrients.

Rather than having to purchase low quality conventional products for use on our sensitive and vulnerable skin, the option to support an ethical brand who cares about the quality of the products is an important one. If you’re looking for a completely natural, vegan solution for your skincare (and who isn’t these days), Sagal Jama is where you can vote with your dollar.

It’s also much more than what we put on your skin - it’s what we eat. Veganuary is a campaign held at the beginning of each year that challenges us to take control of our health by making plant-based food choices, which in turn benefits the environment, and of course the animals.

In a big world flooded with products, supporting the good guys is a powerful choice we have. Whether empowering Sagal Jama to keep producing zero-waste and environmentally-friendly beauty products, or supporting the world’s largest vegan food charity network, you can know you are choosing to support a better world.

This article was caringly crafted to support a vegan business trying to make the world a better place. If you have an ethical business and need marketing support, try it out here.

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