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The world of Qasil skincare

Hello to my natural skincare lovers!

The last of weeks have been very busy for me, I have launched the Satin Bonnet and have created some value packs that give you guys a little bit more for less.

With the help of Social media, I have had a huge surge of new customers from the USA and Australia and would like to welcome you all to my Somali inspired skincare #qasilskincare

Starting a new skincare regime isn't easy but taking the first steps is always rewarding and I love hearing all your feedback and how lovely your skin feels!

Using our multi-use Qasil masks for the first time!

For the use of our masks, simply mix the clay powders with water at a ratio of 1 teaspoon of clay powder to 3 teaspoons of water (other ingredients can also be added including a few drops of your facial oil)

Apply the clay mixture to your face and wait for 3 minutes, with wet hands start to gently exfoliate the skin using circular motions. The Qasil has a natural grit which is incredible for exfoliation and all our clays are made with #Qasil

Rinse and pat dry gentle followed by applying your chosen moisturisers.

If you would like extra tips please follow our Tiktok and Instagram accounts where we share skincare tips, new launches and hold monthly competitions!

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