The Sagal Jama Application Brush

The Sagal Jama Application Brush

The Sagal Jama Application Brush is no ordinary brush. Designed to be perfectly suited to applying our face masks, it is super soft and easy to clean. Investments in good quality tools that will last you for years helps prevent waste.


You can return your brush to Sagal Jama when its time, and we will recycle it for you. 


100% vegan.


    17cm length. 

    Made from wood, aluminium, and synthetic bristles. 

    100% vegan. 


    Here at Sagal Jama, I offer 100% no quibble returns within 28 days. Simply return your item to me and I will refund you 100%. We offer free postage with all of our items, in order to allow us to be able to do this, I do ask that customers pay for returning the item to me. 

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    How to used your application brush:

    1. Mix your facemask in your Sagal Jama coconut bowl 

    2. Using the desired consistency, cover your brush in facemask

    3. Using circular motions paint your facemask across your forehead

    4. Continue painting your face, working gently around the eyes

    5. You can use your facemask all over your face and neck

    6. Rinse your brush in warm soapy water and leave to dry in well ventilated area

    Enjoy! Feedback to me

    (The application brush comes with instructions, useful for gift purchases)